Legacy Group has been at the forefront of serving the nation and its people. With a reputation of giving back to society, Legacy Group has built its strong corporate social responsibility as one of its core values. We believe that bettering livelihood in society is the only way to foster the development and change that we envision for this nation. We are passionate about education, agriculture, and welfare and most notably health care

As one of meeting our social responsibility, the Ben Kavuya Hospital, a health centre II, was opened. Set up in Lyantonde, it was put in place to better the lives of the people around the area.

Several years down the road, the lives of the residents of Lyatonde have been improved significantly. Locals have access to better health services and have seen upgrades in their standard of living. The facility receives approximately 100 outpatients daily and 24 mothers.

Legacy Group stands to better the Livelihoods of Ugandans and we promise to continue standing as a pillar on which society can develop on.


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